two men sword fight

Embracing Vulnerability: Unleashing the Power of Identity to Overcome Life’s Opponents

two men sword fight

Embracing Vulnerability: Unleashing the Power of Identity to Overcome Life's Opponents

By Cynthia Saarie

Listening to Tony Robbins is an experience to be remembered and experienced, and I recommend you take some time to listen to him and truly embrace what he talks about. He is one of the few people who follows what he preaches, like feeding a Billion people each year after experiencing hunger as a child. If you’ve ever experienced hunger, you know how much you think about food. You probably know this to be true about anything you had and lost and think about all the time. It is a known problem we all deal with throughout our lives. It is a dragon that needs to be slayed.

In the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, Tony Robbins’ words resonate deeply:

“Vulnerability is power; my identity is the most powerful force in life.”

This profound insight encapsulates the essence of my navigating the complexities of existence, where external, intimate, and internal opponents often stand as formidable barriers to progress. I decided to change. My decision to take the time to do what’s hard. Why? Because if it is hard, I MUST do it. I must learn, challenge myself to find the answer, and do something to make these changes happen.

“I Have To Slay My Dragons.”

What is holding you back? What are your dragons that must die? What MUST you do to get moving forward? It doesn’t matter what that IS… it is the idea of Doing Something. Something to start moving you out of your complacency. Tony says,

“I don’t give a sxxt if you don’t feel like it…Do It! You never want to leave where you are at the moment and not take some sort of action.”

I finished listening to Tony’s “Time to Rise,” a three-day free online summit during the last weekend in January 2024. He was amazing and inspiring. I think it was the third time I listened to a seminar of his. What a mover and shaker he is! Why didn’t it take the first time I listened to him? (And that was many years ago.) I did take some action, but not enough. Muscle memory is in massive action – right now. Continuous action…and I didn’t. I let my dragons eat my dreams again. My dreams left me. And It did the second time around, too. I let it happen. I put other things in front of my dreams. Dread took its place. I lived with the regret of not following through. I realized time was speeding by, and my dreams were going with that time. What a horrible feeling. Have you experienced this, too?

Recognizing the Triad of Opponents

Life presents us with an array of opponents, both visible and concealed. External opponents manifest as societal norms, economic challenges, and adversarial circumstances beyond our control. These external forces can create a sense of pressure and limitation, constraining our choices and dampening our spirits. Intimate opponents emerge from our closest relationships, where conflicts, misunderstandings, and emotional struggles test our resolve. These intimate opponents have the potential to wound us deeply, as they often stem from the people we love and trust the most. Internal opponents, perhaps the most insidious, arise from within—the self-doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs that sabotage our aspirations. These internal adversaries whisper tales of inadequacy and failure, erecting barriers to our own success.

And back then, I listened to those little dragons of inadequacy and failure. I let them build barriers in my own life. I allowed them. Do you listen to those dragons? I still see them sneaking around behind me. They look at me mockingly. It’s harsh. I hate it. And that is what makes me move forward. I start taking action…again. I don’t give up. Do you? Do you keep trying and striving to do more, taking more action? I can’t stop trying.

Embracing Vulnerability: The Gateway to Empowerment

Contrary to conventional wisdom, vulnerability is not a weakness but a wellspring of strength. It is the willingness to expose our authentic selves acknowledging our fears, insecurities, and imperfections. I know I am far from perfect, but I know that I have something to offer to others, their lives, and my life.

Remember, ”Reasons Come First, and Answers Come Second.”

In embracing vulnerability, we disarm our opponents, for they thrive in the shadows of denial and pretense. By embracing our vulnerabilities, we reclaim our power, fostering genuine connections and fostering resilience in the face of adversity. I decided to get rid of my reasons for not doing more, and I started my journey. The answers to HOW to make it work will come second. I can live with that. Vulnerability cultivates empathy and understanding, allowing us to forge deeper connections with others and ourselves. It invites authenticity and fosters growth, enabling us to confront our fears and pursue our passions with unwavering determination. It enables me to start, even though I know I am starting again. It is a starting point… a place to move forward from this to that.

I have to think about where it is I want to go. Where do I want to go? What do I truly want? What do I want to see happen, and what am I willing to do to get that to happen? I must look for the clearing so I have an open place to go and start. Like the line of defensive football players. Where is the hole? Where can I get past those guys?

Cultivating Resilience: Strategies for Overcoming Life’s Challenges

To overcome life’s opponents and unleash the full potential of our identity, we must cultivate resilience—a steadfast determination.
I tell you this: in order to move forward,

“You have to persevere in the face of challenges.”

This resilience is nurtured through self-awareness, mindfulness, and deliberate action. Mindful reflection allows us to examine our thoughts and emotions with clarity, identifying the sources of external, intimate, and internal opposition. Authentic connection empowers us to share our vulnerabilities with others, building a support network that bolsters resilience. Cognitive restructuring enables us to challenge negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, replacing them with empowering narratives of strength and possibility. Action-oriented approaches propel us forward as we take proactive steps toward our goals with courage and conviction. By embracing vulnerability, harnessing the power of our identity, and cultivating resilience, we transcend life’s opponents and realize our fullest potential.

When you decide to bury or BURN up those dragons and start the journey toward personal empowerment and fulfillment, confronting life’s opponents with courage and resilience is necessary. You’ll need someone (or a tribe of someones) to cheer you on, curse you out, and make you work HARD toward a new you. My writing mentor and the two lovely ladies that I started out with last Spring are my tribe, along with several other kind and smart ladies who joined us. They are my critics, my cheering squad, and the ones that make me work hard to “Get ‘er done!”

As Tony Robbins aptly states,

“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

Embrace vulnerability, harness the power of your identity, and conquer life’s oppressive dragons with unwavering determination. You can do and become more. You CAN.

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