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How’s Your CannaBiz Doing?

  • Organic Growth, Guaranteed. 

Say goodbye to excessive spending on paid advertising. BCNA specializes in delivering customers to your doorstep or online platform organically. We harness the power of persuasive content, search engine optimization, and strategic marketing to draw in your target audience without breaking the bank.

  •  Niche Expertise in Targeting Your Audience

While our services cater to a wide range of industries, our true specialization lies in crafting compelling content exclusively for the Cannabis Industry. We’re not just another agency – we’re a dedicated clan with insider knowledge that your customers crave. When they seek exceptional customer service, diverse product offerings, and unwavering reliability, we ensure they find YOU. Our search engine optimizer will ensure your web page achieves maximum visibility in search results.

  •  Igniting Desire & Interest in Your CannaBiz

We understand that it’s not just about showcasing your business; it’s about igniting the desire in your customers to choose your CannaBiz. BCNA excels at creating a connection between your brand and your audience. We make them yearn to visit your CannaBiz, explore your offerings, and discover more about your search-engine-optimized website.

  •  Staying Ahead of the Competition

In a world where countless users scour the internet daily, it’s essential that they find your CannaBiz effortlessly. BCNA takes it upon itself to keep you ahead of your competition. With our expert strategies, your business will stand out prominently in online searches, ensuring that potential customers always find you.

We consistently upgrade with mobile-optimized content because we know most are searching for YOU on their phones! Whether they search on a cell phone, tablet, or desktop/laptop computer… they will Find Your CannaBiz!

  • Unlock the Full Potential of Your CannaBiz with Targeted SEO Growth & Organic Visibility

In today’s competitive landscape, organic visibility is the cornerstone of business success, and Organic Visibility costs you nothing! Targeted SEO creates Organic Traffic to Your Doorstep or Website. At Best Copy Now Agency (BCNA), we’re dedicated to propelling your CannaBiz into the search engine spotlight, ensuring it shines like never before. Let’s get busy with Your CannaBiz.


Mum’s the Word. Our Privacy Policy includes never sharing Your information with others.

At BCNA, we don’t just promise results; we deliver them. Join us in the journey to make your CannaBiz a trusted and sought-after name in the industry.

Let’s ensure that when customers search using a search engine, they find and choose you.

Cynthia @ BCNA

picture of a woman

Cynthia Saarie, CEO @ BCNA

Your CannaBiz Growth is My Business

growing plant

Welcome to My World: CannaBiz Growth & Success.

We’re Going On A Quest…

Hi, I’m Cynthia Saarie. I was born and raised on the Hill, near Syracuse University. Go ‘CUSE!
In my previous life, I retired from Federal Service and ventured into the captivating advertising world of Cannabis.
Watching NY’s growth is energy magnified. It has brought me to work closely with this new industry’s leaders, vendors, growers, and the government supporting its creation.
As an advocate, I spoke at board meetings creating interest in voting ‘Yes!’ to allow dispensaries to open shops in their district.
Those that voted ‘NO!’ are out of luck in gathering the tax dollars that will be generated with these new businesses. Too bad, so sad!
I managed to create a stir with my letter to Governor Kathy Hochul, protesting the discrimination of these new businesses operating on the NYS Fairgrounds. Now we will have to wait until next year to see what has been decided for the Great NYS Fair.

But before all that, there was my first love: singing.

I hail from a musical family blessed with the genes to boldly stand before a crowd, whether with a microphone or just a melody. My journey through life led me to utilize my voice for speaking and voiceover work, but my singing opened countless doors.

How does my passion for singing benefit your business?

It’s pretty simple. When you’ve stood before an audience, singing your heart out or delivering a powerful message, you learn to decipher what truly moves and motivates the audience by observing their reactions.

The ability to adapt to the atmosphere, whether it’s a physical room or a virtual Zoom call, enables me to empathize with your customers’ needs, wants, and desires. This unique skillset equips me to understand your CannaBiz, and the customers you serve, on a profound level.

Why does this matter?

Because I can intuitively navigate your customers’ minds, pinpointing their desires when they search for a CannaBiz near them, what they seek upon entering your storefront, and what they hope to discover through the services your CannaBiz provides.

It’s all about Growing Your CannaBiz.


Welcome to the harmonious synergy of understanding your audience and driving your CannaBiz toward success.

CLICK HERE and Schedule Your CannaQuest. 

For those looking for something more…I have my home website you can visit:  https://cynthiasaarie.com/ 

I send out a monthly newsletter on the first of each month for six years this January 2024. If you want to be on my mailing list, please go to the contact page, click here, and sign up. If it is after the first, I’ll email you directly.  🙂

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